Soup of the Day (v)

A choice of our home-made soup of the day served with a warm ciabatta roll. 2.95

Topped Chips or Wedges (v)
Add diced bacon for just 0.50

Garlic Bread (v)Add mozzarella for just 0.50

Bread and Dips (v) 2.95

Breaded Chicken Goujons 3.95

Nachos 5.95



Pick from a selection of breads; ciabatta, white or granary, bloomer or a tortilla. Served with our home-made coleslaw and a fresh salad garnish.

Classic BLT 3.95

Steak and Red Onion Chutney 4.95

Club Sandwich 3.95

Tuna Melt 3.95

Roasted Vegetables (v) 3.95

Chicken, Tomato, Mozzarella and Pesto 3.95

Goats Cheese, Red Onion Chutney and Rocket (v) 3.95


Home-made Beefburger 5.50

Chicken Fillet Burger 5.50

BBQ Bacon Burger 6.95

Pulled Pork Burger 6.95

Mexican Burger 6.95

American Burger 6.95

French Burger 6.95

Home-made Falafel Burger (v) 5.50

Feeling hungry? Add any of the following items to our Burger

Menu – bacon, cheese, onion rings, fried egg, and jalapenos for just 1.00 or double up and add an extra beef or chicken burger for just 2.00.


Steak 7.95

Chicken 6.95

Chunky Vegetables 6.95

All served with warm tortillas, jalapenos, home-made salsa and sour cream. Perfect for people who like their fajitas just right.


Margherita (v) 4.95

Four Cheese Pizza (v) 5.95

Steak and Onion 5.95

Mediterranean 4.95

Hot and Spicy 5.95

Pepperoni 4.95

Hawaiian 4.95

Ham and pineapple 4.95

BBQ Chicken 4.95

Meat Feast 5.95


Caesar Salad 3.95

Greek Salad (v) 4.95

Warm Chicken and Bacon Salad 4.95



Chips (v) 1.95

Wedges (v) (plain or spicy) 1.95

Mixed Leaf Side Salad (v) 1.95

Home-made Coleslaw (v) 1.50

Marinated Mixed Olives (v) 2.50




DRY’s signature blend of Beefeater gin, Midori, grenadine and Triple Sec with orange juice and fresh lime.

Remember the lollies? This combination of Stoli Vanil and Chambord with cranberry juice and fresh lime will have you reminiscing.

French Martini
Absolut vodka frothed with pineapple juice delicately layered over Chambord.                                                            
Alabama Slammer
Southern Comfort, Disaronno, sloe gin and orange juice layered over grenadine. A real taste of the Deep South!

Cherry Drop
This DRY favourite is made from Disaronno, Midori, grenadine and cranberry juice, yet it tastes just like cherries.  

White Russian
This is sure to become a crowd pleaser here at DRY. Kahlua, Creme de Cacao and Stoli Vanil, shaken with milk and topped with squirty cream.


The classic combination of Absolut Citron, triple sec and fresh lime with a dash of cranberry juice to make it pink. Fresh and elegant!

Classic Mojito
The authentic recipe for the mojito is used here at DRY.  Havana 3 year old, brown sugar, fresh mint and fresh lime topped up with soda. The perfect mix! 

Strawberry Mojito
If you like your mojitos fruity, this one’s for you. We’ve added strawberry puree to our classic mojito for the perfect summery drink!

Cuba Libre
The popular Cuban classic combining Havana Especial rum with fresh limes and Coca Cola.

Lynchburg Lemonade
This Tennessee classic mixes Jack Daniel’s and Triple Sec with fresh limes making a lemonade for grown-ups.

This used to be Brazil’s best kept secret! A refreshing mix of cachaça, fresh limes and brown sugar.

Perfect if you need a caffeine hit! Mixing Stoli Vanil and Baileys with a shot of our house espresso.


Strawberries & Cream Daiquiri
Our British/Cuban hybrid is a glass of summer sunshine all year round. We use Kraken and Koko Kanu to give it that extra bite.

Long Island Iced Tea
The quintessential DRY cocktail; Stolichnaya, Beefeater, José Cuervo Silver, Triple Sec and Havana 3 year old, shaken with fresh lemons and floated on Coca Cola.

Honey Manhattan
Our bartenders here at DRY have crafted this new addition to our great line-up. We stir Wild Turkey American Honey and Martini Rosso to create a modern spin on the age old classic.

Blue Margarita
You can’t go wrong with this Mexican classic. Jose Cuervo tequila, blue curacao and fresh limes are shaken together and served in a half rimmed salt glass, so you can have it with or without salt!


Singapore Sling
A 1920s vintage cocktail. Beefeater gin, cherry brandy, Benedictine and grenadine shaken with pineapple juice.

Spiced Rum Zombie
Aloha from DRY! We’ve given the tiki classic a spicy makeover. 4 spiced rums are mixed with orange and pineapple juice and topped with overproof Old J Tiki Fire to give it that final kick. (Maximum of 2 per customer)


Every day from 4pm to 8pm and Thursdays 4pm until close

Buy any 2 Favourite Cocktails for £8

Buy any 2 Classic Cocktails for £9

Buy any 2 Signature Cocktails for £10

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